Friday, November 9, 2012


I know that November is the month that people speak of their gratitude. I've been seeing tons of daily "thanksgivings" on Facebook daily and I think it's awesome.
Thanksgiving is a day that gets shuffled to the back of the line by many, especially retailers, as they prepare for Christmas via shopping, decorating, music etc... I love Christmas as much as anyone does but Thanksgiving is just as important as we thank God for all he has given us.

There are so many things I am thankful for and I will do my very best to hit them all but obviously I'm going to run out of space and time and I'm old so I'll forget things.

~ I am thankful for my children. They have always been VERY special and have grown up to be such unique and sparkling .. adults.. OK *young* adults. I am always proud of them and all that they have and will accomplish in their lives and I am eternally sorry that I missed any of it.

~ I'm thankful for my parents. I always took my family for granted while I was growing up. It wasn't until I was older and saw other people's families that I realized just how lucky I am to have 2 parents who love me and each other very much.

~ I'm thankful for my sisters. This includes the 2 I was born with, the sisters I added when I married Gary and all of the sisters I have "adopted" through the years. Each one is dear to me and holds a special place in my heart.

~ I'm thankful for my brother. He's the only one I have and let me tell you, he's amazing. I'm also happy that I married in to 2 more wonderful brothers.

~ I am thankful for all of my nieces and nephews. This means ALL of them... the ones that my siblings have, the ones I married in to and of course the ones that I have "adopted". Each one is special to me and I love watching them grow up.

~ I'm thankful for each and every last one of my friends. I've met so many special people through out my life. I include the friends from childhood, the ones I met blogging and gaming and well... ALL of them.

~ and... I am thankful for my husband. I truly believe that God gave him to me to provide me with anything that I need. He does just that. As I've said many times before, he may not be perfect but he's perfect for me. He goes above and beyond to make sure that I have what I need. He works his butt off making sure that we have a roof, food and whatever else life requires. He's so smart and I love that. Although it's been more sickness than health, he's cared for me through all of it. He "puts up with me".. he loves me when I'm fabulous and when I haven't showered in a week (ok, it's happened a few times but I had good reasons!). He loves me when I keep bringing more pets home, when I wasn't up to cleaning the house that day, when we had to order pizza because I just couldn't cook, when I'm crying my eyes out for one reason or another because we all know I'm good at that. He is an amazing man and anyone who knows him is better off for it.
He always somehow knows when I need that email or text or phone call to brighten my day.
We have had our "better" and we have had our "worse" and we survived and I KNOW he loves me and for that I am always going to be grateful.

These are some of the things that I am grateful for and I am thankful for them 365 days a year.