Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's summer time: Pedicures and Cooking!

So, once again it got pretty dusty in here but it's been a pretty ... traumatic year to say the least.
By now most of you know that Gary asked for a divorce last August and after putting me through absolute hell for the better part of 8 months he decided that he really wants to work things out and I've decided that I'm willing to do this (again) but this will be the last time. Obviously there are a lot of stories and details that I'm leaving out but I'd rather just move on. :)

I have a new pain doctor. I started seeing him about 2 months ago for my fibro and I'm in love with him. He told me that the hip pain and the lower back pain that I have is NOT related to my fibro but .. well he explained with a bunch of medical jargon and talked so fast I barely remember what it was but it boils down to the fact that a few injections in my hips (every 3 to 6 months) and in my back (ever 12 to 18 months) will wipe the pain out. So far I've had the hip ones done and he's right. It's amazing. I"m having the back ones done in about an hour and I'm looking forward to being able to sit or stand for long periods of time without the dull ache I always have in my back.

I had a chest Xray in December to clear me for the surgery I had then (tubes tied and a cyst removed). During the xray my doctor found some lung "nodules". She went ahead and cleared me for the surgery but wanted a follow up Chest CT 3 months later. It appears they are growing. She isn't 100% sure that they are growing or if this CT was at a slightly different angle. I panicked from the initial phone call til I actually saw her a few days ago. She isn't too worried and said she'll deal with a follow up CT in 3 months (July) and we'll go from there.

As far as all my health goes I think that's it for now.

So, I've pretty much been busy hanging out with my best friends/sisters Melia and Sandra. Taking care of the house and Gary and the zoo we have acquired here (2 new puppies, however one of them is leaving soon). Playing WoW in my downtime and a little bit of reading. Also a LOT of cooking.
I'm trying a new rump roast recipe tonight and if it doesn't turn out like absolute dog poo then I'll post it tomorrow!

Love you guys and thanks for being patient and understanding with me. :)


  1. I love you. You and been and still are my biggest inspiration and hero. I am so proud to be your sister by choice! <3 Here for you always!

  2. I love you too lady!!! <3