Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another Quagmire Update

Thursday started off normal and the whole day was rather uneventful and boring. Gary got home from work around 4pm. I was sitting in the computer room when I heard him open the door. He came through to me about 5 minutes later and tells me that he doesn't know where Quagmire is because Quags usually comes running when Gary gets home. Anyway, I freak for a second. Maybe I had left him outside but I check the living room by the front door where Quagmire is usually sleeping and I see him there TRYING to stand up but failing miserably. 3 days later that sight haunts me. The little guy just wanted to come see his Daddy and couldn't.
Anyway, we figured he had just had another seizure and was getting over it. We didn't take him to the vet but I did call them to set up an appointment for this coming Monday. I explained that it was financial and of course they told me that wouldn't matter and if we needed to come in to just come in. We decided to wait it out because in the end there isn't anything they can do immediately for a seizure.

So, now it's 10:20 pm. I'm sound asleep and I wake up to Gary calling me telling me to come to him. Of course I'm in some sort of crazy daze because I had taken a sleeping pill and was out COLD. I stumble into the kitchen and see him there sitting with Quagmire. Quags is trembling pretty bad and trying to walk but can't do it. I'm FREAKING out at this point. In my sleepy head all I could think was that this was the big one and Gary had called me out to say goodbye. Quagmire recovered from this one pretty quickly after I got up. It had started at 10pm though so this one was much longer and more intense than the one 6 hours prior. I took him in the bedroom and was laying on the floor with my pillow next to his with every intention of sleeping on the floor with him but that got him all excited and he was pretty set on getting up in bed with us. He was even TRYING to jump into our bed but his legs are too short so it's just a cute little hop he does. Anyway, he sleeps with us and I'm up at 6:45 in the am to call his vet and make him an appointment. They had me bring him in right away so I do and once I'm there with him I go through everything that had happened the day before.

So, here we are on Saturday. He's a little lethargic, panting, thirsty (all symptoms of his new medication) and this is what the doctor is saying.

She said we COULD pay for an MRI for him. They don't do it but there is a vet downtown who will. The cost is $2500. She says it's not even something she recommends per say (because of the price) but that it is an option.
She started him on Phenobarbital and Bromide for seizures. He's on an aggressive dose because he had 2 in one day. He'll be on the Pheno for about 4 months. We'll test his blood then to make sure his Bromide level is high enough to stop seizures then they'll take him off the Pheno. It's a good med but the liver damage risk is much higher on Pheno than on Bromide and he already has a bad liver.

They're also going to test him for Cushings. Here's a link if you're interested in reading about THAT. He's got most of the symptoms except that he's a little young for when dogs usually get it.

I'll post more later when we get test results back. :)


  1. Oh Rachel, this has me in tears. Your lil man is such a part of all of our lives, I know of course, not nearly as much as he is yours & Gary's. My heart aches for Quaggy & you two, but I'm hoping & praying for the best. If you ever need to call just to cry, you know I'm here for you.

  2. Ugh, poor puppy! Hugs all around. Hope he starts feeling better!