Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dear Walmart, I hate you!

My health care insurance carrier is TriCare. They use Express Scripts to handle their prescription plan. A few months ago I got word that Express Scripts was not renewing their contract with Walgreens so I was going to have to find a new pharmacy (after 13 years).
I was told by Walgreens and by Walmart that it was "painless and easy" to transfer prescriptions from one pharmacy to another.
The first 4 I did at the beginning of the month were. They were a little rude/short and took a LONG time to get them ready (24 hours???) but in the end I was relatively happy.
So, yesterday I go back in to transfer 3 more prescriptions. They tell me 24 hours again. I show up this morning 24 hours later to find out not only do they not have my prescriptions ready but they won't fill them because when they called Walgreens they gave them the wrong RX number which had 0 refills left. I said to the girl "Well, call back and get the right ones and fill them.. easy right?"... WRONG. She tells me that *I* have to go to or call Walgreens and get the right ones and give them to her. Meanwhile above my head is a TV loudly telling Express Scripts customers that it's easy to transfer prescriptions to Walmart. Ironic right? Has the pharmacist come up to me at all during all of this exchange (and I got a little loud) to find out what the problem is? WHY OF COURSE NOT! The Walgreens pharmacist knows me BY NAME people... so does her staff. This Walmart ass didn't even bother to LOOK at me.

So long story short, I have to go back to Walmart in 2 hours to pick up my new prescriptions but that's after waiting in line behind 15 people waiting to pick up theirs.

Here's a big EFF YOU Walmart. Next month I'm going to Fry's.


  1. When Jack was first put on Ritalin, the doc prescribed it in chewable form, so it would be easier for him to take. Apparently, no one carried the chewable form. So, I called around, and when I got Walmart (last resort) they said they didn't have it. I asked if we could just transfer the prescription back to non-chewable then, and she actually YELLED at me. "NO!! IT'S A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE!! YOU HAVE TO GET A NEW PRESCRIPTION!!" I explained that the doc mails me these prescriptions from Portland, and my son was out of his pills, so obviously that was probably not going to work. Couldn't they just CALL the doctor? "NO!!!" Uh, okay. So, I hung up w/ her, and went in to the local mom and pop pharmacy, and they didn't have the chewable either. However, instead, she said "We'll just call your doc and have him okay the regular pill." See, Walmart? That wasn't so hard, was it?

  2. It's NOT that hard... it's like they lure you in with low prices and convenience but it's a scam. It's really NOT convenient at all. Standing and waiting for an HOUR rather than 15 minutes is NOT convenient.