Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Early Present To My Valentine.

Believe it or not I'm always struggling to find fun, unique and thoughtful presents for Gary. Sure, I can stick with the never-fail Barnes and Nobles gift cards, cash or Newegg gift certificates but sometimes I just like to be like... ya know?

This is what I came up with this year and you're more than welcome to steal it from me. I'm not very "crafty" so I'm pretty proud of my damn self!

I started with 20 to 25 Valentiney looking note cards with envelopes, a hole-puncher, a 1.5 inch metal book ring thingie (you can get them at office supply stores or at craft stores) and a crap ton of Valentine's stickers.
I sat down at my desk and started writing.
In each card I wrote something special just for him, little love notes, "pick me ups" and other random thoughts.
I sealed the envelope up. Then I punched a hole in the top left corner of each one and put them on the book ring. I decorated the front of the envelopes with stickers and rub-ons and left him directions to only open them on days he's feeling "down" because I've come to realize that my bi-polar ass isn't the only one to get down around here.

This is what the final project looked like.
NOW, keep in mind I'm NOT crafty so you'll probably make yours a lot prettier blah blah blah. I just keep telling myself it's what I wrote on the inside that matters! LOL

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  1. great idea Rachel, it really shows that you put thought and love into the gift.
    I chose anonymous because I dont have any of the choices they gave me, but Mrs.Pugh loves you