Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beauty Boxes for October

Let me start by saying I was pretty disappointed with all 3 boxes this month but it was easy to pick a winner.

ipsy (formally known as MyGlam) came first. I'm pretty sure this was my favorite out of the month.
First off, it came in this sassy little makeup bag. I usually give these away but I'm keeping this one!
the Balm - mascara
mirenesse - lip bomb lacquer stain
Couture Colour - pequi oil treatement
be a bombshell - eye liner
Coastal Scents - eye shadows
I'm actually looking forward to trying (almost) everything in this months package, especially the stain!

BirchBox was next and I'm usually happy with them but this month was a frackin joke. Seriously.
A Luna bar (that I ate while looking at everything). I like Luna bars but seriously? How is this a beauty product/sample?
Illume - red cedar candle. This smells heavenly. I might order a larger one.
Jouer - Lip Enhance
Kiehl's - Rosa Arctica Eye brightening eye balm
Supergoop - City Sunscreen Serum

Seriously, the only thing in that package that was worth opening was the Luna Bar. /sadface

Beauty Box 5 was last and was "meh"... I'll use maybe 2 of these products and put the rest in a listia auction.
Margania - pure argan oil
City Lips - lip plumper. I'll try this. I already have "big lips" but I am addicted to plumpers!
ShowStoppers - fashion tape
Goat Haus Dairy - lip balm - again. Addicted to lip products. I'll give this a try!
Furlesse - elevens (relaxes your "11's" aka frown lines in a natural way - whatever that means... I don't have that ... yet)
Lash Card - I guess this keeps you from getting mascara everywhere? How about not being a slob? I don't know, I never really have this problem so... meh

So that's it people. 3 boxes of 'meh'... I'll have to rate ipsy the best box of the month and BirchBox a CLEAR loser. 

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