Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's that time of year...

Well, even though Phoenix doesn't officially have a fall, I like to do "fall cleaning" right before I set up my house for autumn decorations and then Christmas decorations a few weeks later.

Gary is going TDY to Florida for 2 weeks (leaving on 10/13) and I thought this would be the PERFECT time for me to get this cleaning done. It will help kill time and all the clutter that has been building up and driving me BONKERS will be gone! I try to do one room a day to keep myself from wearing out (gotta love Fibro) and if I'm feeling good after one room, I just move on to the next room. I actually have a cleaning list that I print out on a monthly basis that has me cleaning one room a day each day of the week but I tend to fall behind on that one thus the need for a fall cleaning!

I know that I've posted these PDFs before but I thought I would share them again.
I have a girlfriend who uses these "lists" to keep her house in immaculate order. They include organization for everything from cleaning to grocery shopping to keeping bills in order. There is even a few blank calendars that you can print out. There is even a vacation and packing planner. They're amazing. When I saw them, I knew I had to have them and she was nice enough to share!

Here are a few examples of what she sent me:

Like I said, these are amazing. If you'd like copies just send me your email address over Facebook or through email and I'll pop them in the (e)mail for you ASAP. If you are already mostly organized or really need to GET organized these are the files for you! 

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