Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm right here!!!

I haven't updated because I have no memory of this last week. I know we did stuff I just don't remember any of it.
Wait, yes I do.
We went to the commissary on Friday. That was a disaster. Not only was it military payday (I forgot) it was also the quarterly case lot sale at the commissary so it was a FRACKING MADHOUSE!
We had to fight our way down aisles and the line to check out was wrapped around the store. Luckily it was only about 30 minutes to wait to check out. People were very crabby by the time they got there though. Two ladies decided Gary and I had cut them off in line and cried about it for 5 minutes. Honestly if they had just shut up I would have let them in front of us but since they wouldn't STOP TALKING about it we decided to ignore them and keep our place.

Also, we went to some snobby restauraunt in Tempe for lunch last week. The food was DELICIOUS. The employees were very nice but I really needed to go home and shower the snot off of me. To give you an idea of where we were. There was a Saks Fifth Avenue on one side of us and a Coach store (not outlet) on the other side. I'd go back though. It was really good food. We've been trying to go out to lunch every Wednesday since it's the only day of the week he doesn't have to be in an hour early for P.T. This week I'd like to stay on this side of the valley though. 45 minute drives are... long.

We spent the weekend vegging out. Actually, I spent the weekend vegging out. He spent it writing a research paper that he procrastinated on. His brain was melted by the time he was finished but he'll probably ace it because he's stupid smart.

Other than all that my weeks been pretty ... average.

I did get one cherry tomato off of my plant though! Hopefully the other ones turn red around the same time...

Oh and we went to see the new Robin Hood movie on Sunday night. Don't waste your money. It's too long and too slow. I wouldn't even recommend renting it unless you want a good nap.

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