Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a weird week...

Between Gary's horrible schedule this past week and my uncle passing away it's just been a really weird week.
He did take me to lunch today. We went to one of our favorite Japanese restaurants called Ah-So.
This was our chef. (It's a horrible picture with my cell phone and their bad lighting) ... he was great though. Very entertaining and the food was delicious. He did all the typical habachi grill things like the smoking onion and throwing food at the patrons (Gary caught both broccollis in his mouth!)

Notice the people in the background? They were the only other people at our table. It appeared to be a man, his wife and one of their mothers. Let's focus on him.
He looked like a cross between George Wendt from Cheers and Peter Griffon. The holier-than-thou attitude was unbelievable though. He was one of the most neediest people I've ever had the pleasure of sitting next to in a restaurant. While shoveling food in his face he managed to call the waitress over about 15 times for water, wine, appetizers, more appetizers, butter for his lobster. He spoke to her as if she didn't understand a lick of English. He had the personality of a pet rock. Even our lovely chef said that he was just going to entertain US because THEY weren't even acknowledging his presence. Just a real piece of work. I did manage however to put all this aside and just enjoy a nice lunch/dinner with my husband. We really did have a good time just joking around and relaxing. And the people at Ah-Sos? They gave me a pretty red rose on the way out the door. How sweet is that??

Then we went to Barnes and Nobles so I could find some things for my nieces' birthday in July (yeah I wanted a headstart) and hit the jackpot. I love that place.

Now, to talk my husband into finding me a hugemongous pile of chocolate from somewhere because I NEED IT NAO!!!

On a side note: My sister (and husband and one of her babies) and my mom and dad are all driving to KY for my uncle's funeral. There is still a lot of flooding and road damage in KY so if you could just keep them in your thoughts and prayers that would be really nice.

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