Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yes, I painted them again!

I cook a LOT now. More cooking means more dishes and more mess which means more cleaning! I THINK that is why my nails are wearing off at the ends so quickly. They don't chip (thanks to OPI) but the tips wear down and that irritates me! AND, you'd think that it would come off easily with polish remover but nope... it's like trying to take off wallpaper. >.<

Anyhow, I'm not usually a fan of blues/purples/greens and yellows on my nails but I'm trying to get out of my little box. The picture accurately captures the color. It's like a dark lavender... more blue than purple though.

O.P.I. Chip Skip
Essie - Smooth Sailing
Seche Vite top coat

The Essie comes from the Braziliant Collection and is available on Amazon and eBay. I'm not sure about the stores.

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