Monday, April 12, 2010

Can't always get what you want..?

So "Quagmire" ordered flowers for our vet on April 7th for delivery on April 9th. It was a gorgeous bouquet of 6 giant sunflowers and greenery. Well, we showed up yesterday at the vet to have them check out why he's feeling bad again and I looked around and didn't see any sunflowers. I saw a HUGE, ostentatious bouquet of flowers with tulips and hibiscus and some baby roses and well I guess they were ok but I wouldn't have ever picked them out. So anyway, we're sitting in the exam room and the vet and tech walk in and just start gushing over the flowers we sent and I said "Oh you got them! Good, I didn't see them" and they said that the HUGE bouquet out front were the ones that got delivered.
I just got off the phone with ProFlowers. Apparently there was a glitch in the system and they just sent out "flowers" to whomever had ordered to make sure they got something on delivery day. I guess that's a nice thing but I really wish they would have called me rather than send this ugly bouquet.
Oh well, the vet LOVED them and ProFlowers refunded me half my money.. (half? ugh.. but it's better than a credit).

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  1. That happened to me once, except I sent the flowers to myself as a congratulations for a new job. (hey, I was single) :)
    BUT... they sent another bouquet for me because I let them know the ones they sent were NOT acceptable. A refund or credit would be acceptable, too. But not what they did.