Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I got him to eat a bowl of baby rice and baby turkey... I should have stuck his pills in there... but NOOOOOO I decide to shove his pills down his throat and squirt water right behind them. It worked on one. On the other he kept spitting it back out so I shoved it back down, held his mouth closed, blew in his face and rubbed his throat. I waited until he swallowed and let him down.. he gets on the floor and sneezes and the pill goes flying across the living room. I GIVE UP! No barf for 12 hours though.

I also bribed Gary today. I told him I would make him curry chicken for dinner if he went to the commissary with me. BIG MISTAKE. He spent 45 minutes in the commissary harassing the crap out of me. Every 5 minutes it was "OoOOooo [random grocery item]"... I was ready to smack him. Then he texts me from the pepperoni aisle? I'm tempted to leave him home next time but it's much more fun to watch him suffer. :D

p.s. Very happy I found Oxo at the commissary today. I was out and now I don't have to have my MIL order me some from Ireland.

p.p.s WTF!!!


  1. (hangs head in shame) I have Bella, Edward & Jacob Sweethearts, 3 separate boxes.

  2. You should have seen my ex in the dollar store...she kept picking up random items and asking me how much they were, then SQUEALED in delight at the price.