Monday, April 19, 2010


It was a pretty good weekend. As stated before we played WoW most of it. Sunday he took me out for a sushi lunch and then stopped by Ford to test drive a Fusion. I fell in love with this car. We have to go to Mazda this month to get the oil changed in his car so I'll look at the Mazda 6s but most likely when the pieces fall where they should I'll be picking out a Ford Fusion.
We went and saw "Death at a Funeral" last night. Most of it was down right hilarious. Meh, we had a good time.... even though I was falling asleep on the drive home. (We went to a LATE show).

Gary put in for leave this week. No particular reason, just to have some time off - I like to think it's for me. :D I want to take advantage of a quiet weeknight off to go see that new Steve Carell movie "Date Night".. THAT one is going to be funnnnnnny.

I also have a lot of cooking to do this week. I like when Gary is home because then he can help me and we have fun when we cook together. I'll be posting some recipes here and Donna likes to have pictures on her posts so hopefully my camera doesn't make my food look disgusting.

This has been another boring post from my boring life.
Now to go finish making turkey meatballs for Quagmire and get started on Gary's dinner... nothing fancy - just some shrimp and pasta with a nice salad.


  1. What has to fall into place as it should be?

  2. Me getting a job I'm looking at.

  3. You have no idea how badly I am now craving sushi! Ugh!!!