Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gimme some yum!

Now that it's Friday night and Gary is home I'm feeling better. (It's always harder when he's at work and I'm home alone and my mind is wandering) but anyway that is not the point of this post.

I've been thru Donna's little blog of recipes and I can't find anything close to what I'm looking for so ....
Does anyone have any good pasta salad recipes? Hot or cold, it doesn't really matter. I just like to keep one on hand over the weekend because we play WoW all weekend and I need a quick yummy food on hand. You can email me or leave it in the comments!

(It's 1am and I'm going to bed!)


  1. I don't really have one that I go to each time. Have you looked here? I get a lot of my recipes there. Costco sells a greek pasta salad I think it is that is awesome btw. lol

    This ends this very un helpful comment. You are quite welcome!

  2. oh it is just me again... lol
    After looking through them I think I like this one...mostly because its really easy but still seems yummy.

    Also - rainbow! ohhhh pretty! lol

  3. That rainbow one is almost identical to the one I made this weekend.
    I used:
    tricolor rotini
    pepperoni chunks
    bacon bits
    cherry tomatoes
    red onion
    pepperjack cheese cubed
    broccoli and then the Zesty dressing from Kraft.... I make that one a lot its soooooo good.