Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm allowed to change my mind

I've decided to NOT import all of my old posts.
1. There are too many and ...
2. after reading them I don't feel like editing the content (man I used to swear like a sailor) and I was also pretty crabby so yeah.. no thank you.

Today's agenda is to take the recipe in the previous post (just the meatball part). Substitute turkey for hamburger and leave out the spices and make meatballs to keep in the fridge for Quagmire's meals. He's still on a bland diet but he is hungry ALL THE TIME and the Hills I have him on is expensive for one and apparently not supposed to be used for an extended period of time. So yeah, his spoiled butt is getting turkey meatballs. Plus meatballs will be easier to tuck pills in to.

Speaking of pills, I need to go choke down all of my diabetes meds... like a small handful of them... blah

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  1. He apparently doesn't like eggs anymore.. AT ALL.