Thursday, April 29, 2010


Ok, I'm back from appointment 2 with this new therapist and I won't be going back. I go in feeling just fine and leave SO PISSED OFF I'm ready to kill people. The "issues" I'm having are with Gary so it makes sense that we handle it in our marriage therapy... why our therapist thinks I need to see my own is beyond me and I'm just going to flat out tell her on Tuesday when we go back that personal therapy isn't working, isn't necessary and isn't going to happen. If she doesn't like it well tough luck and maybe I'll stop going to her as well.

that's that.

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  1. When I catch up with blog reading, I read the older posts I missed first...therefore, I'm sorry my previous comment didn't turn out to be the case. Hope you find someone decent! It's hard in that profession!