Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Anniversary, My Love...

I thought I'd start this out with a 9 year old picture. We took it shortly after moving to Phoenix which was a few months after we married. This picture makes me feel super, super old!
Anyhow, today we've been married for 9 years. For those who know us, they know it's been 9 years of major ups and major downs. But that's what marriage is about right? Through the good times and the bad?
I'll be honest, there were times I thought it was over and I had lost my best friend but we pulled through, and I'm happy that we did because he's not just my husband. He IS my best friend. Like, the only person in this world that knows everything about me. He can read my mind. He knows my moods and when to back off or give me a hug.
Two years ago I thought I had lost him. I honestly thought it was over. I could deal with not being married but I couldn't deal with not being with HIM. It was a rough 8 months. There were times I had given up but then I decided I was going to FIGHT for him and I did. I'm glad I did. I still get to wake up every morning and see him stumbling around the room getting ready for work and greet him at the door when he gets home every day.

Gary, I appreciate every last thing you do for me. I know you work hard to take care of us... me.. the pets.. our family. You have no idea what that means to me and if I could put it into words I would. I know things have been rough and we'll make it through just like we have every other time. I would do anything in this world for you and I want you to know that I MEAN that and I always will. You are mine forever. I love you so much.

Your wife.

(I'll let him tell you guys what I got him for our anniversary)

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  1. Happy Anniversary Rachel & Gary <3 You guys have had difficult times, but I think what keeps you together is you both deal with REAL feelings & issues head-on. It's evident you truly are best friends. I hope you have a full lifetime together & wish you all the happiness in the world!