Saturday, July 14, 2012

I hate my kitchen but....

I hate my tiny kitchen. There is barely enough room for Gary and I to work together in there. We have a little dance that we do as we're both working on dinners or scrambling around in the mornings. I wouldn't call it graceful. A bigger kitchen is on my wishlist for our next house - whenever that may be. And before you ask why I'm taking on this project on the weekend, it's because Gary had to work today. I hate when he has to work weekends, but with as much as I had to get done today I'm kinda glad he did have to work. :(

Anyway, clearing out the non-Paleo foods started yesterday. I sent Melia home with a huge tub and two grocery bags full of stuff. Then I cleaned out the pantry and the rest of the cabinets from stuff she didn't want or like old boxes of cereal. What I wasn't thinking about before starting was that this would leave my pantry WIDE OPEN for everything that crowded my kitchen counters.

Ok, now it's messier than usual because I had just gotten home from the store and stuff from the cabinets I was getting ready to toss was still sitting out, but do you see how cluttered it is?? ARGH!

 Here it is with everything put away! We have SO much more counter space. The only thing that's out of place are the two oatmeal boxes on the floor. There is a gap in our cabinetry and Walter likes to get up in there to where I can't reach him and he's so big now I'm afraid he's going to get stuck... hopefully soon I can toss those boxes. Next thing I need to tackle is the fridge. I need Gary home for that though because some of the science fair projects growing in there make me gag if not throw up. :D

p.s. I would love to get rid of that damn toaster oven!
p.p.s. I still have to go through the stuff on the little bar (that I conveniently left out of the picture).


  1. Awesome cleaning! Our kitchen is tiny too. Hate it. :(

  2. Yep tiny kitchen here too you're brave for showing your Before pic. I'd be embarrassed to show mine right now ;)