Saturday, July 7, 2012

Whimseybox - not very whimsical...

On June 2nd I signed up for WhimseyBox. You can read all about this company at the website but basically, in a nutshell, this company sends you a box chock full of "new and best-selling craft product samples". The box is supposed to inspire you and your crafting ideas. I was really looking forward to my first new box so I could see what they sent and maybe inspire me to try something new.

First off, according to their website, they ship out on the 16th. Well, I cut them some slack because they are a new company but I didn't get mine until the very end of June. That's not the problem I have with them.

The problem I'm having is that they literally sent me a fantastic re-usable box all decorated and packaged nicely with nothing in it but a scrap of leather and a baggie of studs with step by step directions on how to make a leather wallet. Well, that's not very inspiring!

I understand that I'm not going to get something that interests me every month but I was HIGHLY disappointed with this box and seeing how it was my first box, well you can imagine my disappointment.

I'm going to give them another month, maybe 2, to send out boxes that truly inspire me but if nothing comes of it I'm just going to cancel my account.

I'd rather stick to my BirchBox, MyGlam or even try BirchBox for Men!

Anyway, I'll keep all interested parties up to date. I don't mind being the guinea pig!

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  1. Gee, Rach, we could do something like that & ship out twice as much stuff as they do! hahaha (easily!)
    Why did they waste such a nice box & stuffing on stuff that sucks?
    I hope the next few months are better...can't really go downhill from here, can they?
    Ok...I'll think positive for ya...promise!