Friday, July 20, 2012

I Love Red Polish..

Back when Gary was in boot camp I had a roommate for a short period of time. Her name was Teresa. We had worked together in the past and were pretty good friends. Anyway, we were painting our nails one night and I was giving her grief about never using red since it's such a fantastic color. She explained to me why she didn't use red. She was raised by a Deliverance style, "Christian" mother who was pretty much bonkers. When Teresa was growing up, her mother told her repeatedly that she wasn't allowed to wear red polish because "only whores wear red polish"... I finally talked her into putting some red on her nails and from that day on I've always joked about "whore red". I'm thinking about writing O.P.I or ORLY to see if they'll name a great polish "Whore Red".
That being said today I decided to try out a new red. I'm pretty stinking happy with it. My favorite red is ORLY's Monroe's Red (really annoying auto-start video at that link, but there is a pause button). It's in their permanent collection so it's available.

This week I used:
- O.P.I. Chip Skip *
- O.P.I. An Affair In Red Square
- Seche Vite top coat (as always)

*Originally I thought that Chip Skip was a crappy product. I got it for free when I purchased 2 other O.P.I. colors a few months ago. Anyway, the first time I used it my nails chipped like crazy but then a few weeks later I used that same color again without Chip Skip and it turns out that the polish I was using was just crappy. The brand is great (ORLY) but the polish must have been a bad batch or something. Anyway, I've used Chip Skip since then, and it works wonderfully. I'm really hard on my nails and I almost never have a chip.

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  1. Jennifer McElveen7/23/12, 7:07 PM

    I love red nails too. Except, instead of calling it whore red, we called it masterbation red LOL