Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Inspired by toes...

I went in for my first "summer pedicure" yesterday. I brought my own polish with me and she looked at me kinda funny. I guess that's not normal?
I like to bring my own because 1. I waste enough money on polish so why not USE it.. and 2. It makes touch ups easier if I have the color right?

Anyway, I brought in China Glaze's Love's A Beach. It's a very hot pink and the picture doesn't do it justice. It's from their Summer Neon line. It goes on a little on the matte side but I use Seche Vite for a topcoat which keeps your nails looking freshly painted wet for who knows how long.

 So I loved the color on my toes so much I had to use it on my fingers as well. I haven't decided what I'm doing next.. maybe silver? Or maybe one of the new Essie colors I ordered on Amazon. :)

I should really advertise for the girl who makes my toe rings. She is fantabulous. I found her by doing a search for local sellers in my area. Her shop is Pretty Little Tootsies. You can't go wrong. :)

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